New Gas Can Regs, Safer?

Its been 10 years since the new regulations came out, have our minds changed?

Live Like Your Ancestors for a Better Life

By taking a few techniques from our ancestors could we all improve our standard of living?

Arguments for Sutent-Driven Learning

Motivating students to excel in their strong subjects and spend more time in their weak subjects, graduating a better-educated class.

Windshield Wiper Speed Causes Self-Consciousness?

I didn't realize it until someone asked me the same question.

Relax, your body will adjust and it might just be better for you this way.

Studies show the AC unit, considered a modern necessity in some countries, might cause more harm than good.

A Proposed Plan for Addressing Homelessness

A Proposed Plan for Addressing Homelessness

Squatty Potty Worth the Money?

What you can do to save the $25 on a squatty potty and still keep a happy bum.